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Ultra Racer, Wayne Kurtz’s, Top Ten Races

September 20, 2010
Ultra Racer, Wayne Kurtz’s, Top Ten Races

Top 10 Favorite Races of All Time Wayne Kurtz, an ultra racer and founder of, an ultra racing Web portal, came up with his top races. Some of the races he’s done are so remote they don’t even have Web sites…just blogs about people who’ve finished these races! As evident by the explosion of endurance sports races throughout the world and so many to add to the schedule every year a question comes to mind, Wayne reflected on his favorite races of all time. “There are so many factors to consider when evaluating races but there are several that stand out for me for various reasons.    In my 25 years of racing this is a tough one!” How about you? What’s your top 10 and maybe what are your future top 10 on the dream list?   Everyone has different reasons to race: competing against oneself, overcoming significant…

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