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How to Upgrade Any Android version to 9.0 for Free || Latest Updates 2018||By Allabout PC

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Information How to Upgrade Any Android version to 9.0 for Free || Latest Updates 2018||By Allabout PC

Title :  How to Upgrade Any Android version to 9.0 for Free || Latest Updates 2018||By Allabout PC
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Frames How to Upgrade Any Android version to 9.0 for Free || Latest Updates 2018||By Allabout PC

Description How to Upgrade Any Android version to 9.0 for Free || Latest Updates 2018||By Allabout PC

Comments How to Upgrade Any Android version to 9.0 for Free || Latest Updates 2018||By Allabout PC

roel carlven
Don't waste your time by watching this video.....your version can't change ever
Comment from : roel carlven

MaxTech Random
nothing works😑
Comment from : MaxTech Random

Instructions not clear accidently installed Windows 9.
Comment from : CyberLion

Steve S
Warning Scam, just don't
Comment from : Steve S

Dan Foster
You must think people are dumb like you!
Comment from : Dan Foster

10,000 Subs without 3 video challenge?
One day someone will find this
Comment from : 10,000 Subs without 3 video challenge?

just this is a dumb india youtuber... lol
Comment from : BrokedPS4

King panes
Hey kid you peace plof shit
Comment from : King panes

Rekha Chandra Dahal
Isn't it fake?
Comment from : Rekha Chandra Dahal

Adebayo Oladipo
They will install some software on your phone. whatever you do on your phone, they will see it.
Comment from : Adebayo Oladipo

Hassan Shafique
Thank you
Comment from : Hassan Shafique

Nafis Plays-2020
He/She just changed the number didn't upgraded
It's like changing the robux to 1M+ in roblox
Edit:Thanks for 2 likes I had never got that much

Comment from : Nafis Plays-2020

I can rename it 2
Comment from : GamePlay_Minus_TV

Mukhtary Alia
You only change the name not Android version 😀😀😀
Comment from : Mukhtary Alia

Jeff Christianson-Ziebell
A robot voice that uses a horrible unintelligible accent??? Oh god when will this end???! LOL....
Comment from : Jeff Christianson-Ziebell

chins desilva
It has not actually been upgraded to Android 9.0 if you continuously press on Android version it would show it's lollipop.It only edits the name not the operating system.
Comment from : chins desilva

Although this video boasts it is possible to upgrade any device to Android 9, not many older devices can do so. I have the first Android the HTC G-1 and it'll never reach Android 9. It has to do with the dual partitioning of the device into A and B sections commonly unattainable with most older devices. Although it is possible for many of these to run Android 8 that's where the single core processor has it's limits. Overclocking the device to run faster often burns out the processor.
Comment from : CASPER YOUNG

Don't follow his steps because he not fully know how to upgrade the android version
Comment from : PATRICK MARTIN

why you talk likr a robot it seems that your work does not legit and it looks fake. You change only the name and not the android version
Comment from : PATRICK MARTIN

Is that a talking robot IM CONFUSED hahahaha
Comment from : PATRICK MARTIN

Amir Mati
Scary t rex
Comment from : Amir Mati

Amir Mati
Comment from : Amir Mati

tanatswa mugabe
You broke my phone now it wont switch on
Comment from : tanatswa mugabe

I typed ISO in and my phone is now running Apple!!! 🍎
Comment from : Stripe

Does your phone your phone work like version 9.0 after you do that?
Comment from : LPS

Bro it work but change only number
Comment from : AHMED MOHMMED

Samsung Samsung
Hello sir help kro SAMSUNG a 10 version ko 9 pie kre skte haaaaaaa kyaaaaaaa btaooooooo
Comment from : Samsung Samsung

tiktok parker
Loads of people have negative vibes
Comment from : tiktok parker

Taaniel Pruul
This kid XD he is trying to hide it XD hes bad at it
Comment from : Taaniel Pruul

Abubakar Qurashi
I change my version 4.4.2 to 9999999.0 LOL
Comment from : Abubakar Qurashi

Mark Piatt
My fake Chinese Tablet already did that trick displaying Android 9 when it is really Android 4. Trying to upgrade it from 4.4 to something higher, this was a worthless video.
Comment from : Mark Piatt

Xhevanz Banzuelo
Comment from : Xhevanz Banzuelo

south Indian hindi movies
not bad baby but u try to more practice on it
Comment from : south Indian hindi movies

the cool gamer official
I don't know why but my Samsung phone is so so slooooooow
Comment from : the cool gamer official

the cool gamer official
I'm just watching this on the Wiko ride running Android 9
Comment from : the cool gamer official

the cool gamer official
My Galaxy core prime is on 4.4.4
Comment from : the cool gamer official

Hey man help me
Comment from : GAMING BOY-10

I had usen this vedio and upgraded to android 10 .But I had also use Root checker to make my samsung device and tried to make a oppo phone But it failed and after restarting the phone it is not being on please help me and find a solution for this
Comment from : GAMING BOY-10

Calvin Robertson
Comment from : Calvin Robertson

Nicky Francois
youtu.be/f-RZKXmZUA0 good
Comment from : Nicky Francois

Junior Milliard
hahahahhahahahahah i really watched it all XD shoot me now XD hahaha
Comment from : Junior Milliard

Patrick Yasay
How to change any android version no. to 9.0.
Comment from : Patrick Yasay

Adebisi Wariz
I can download explore
Comment from : Adebisi Wariz

Rafael Neri
subukan ko nga rin yan baka gumana rin sakin
Comment from : Rafael Neri

Meinolf Kakuru
I upgraded my android version but some apps still say incompatible......plz help me out,what should I do
Comment from : Meinolf Kakuru

detective muic2
you know why its fake because first the phone was 5% and changes to another phone that has 7% hahahahahahahahshha
Comment from : detective muic2

gamer .vloger Noah
My phone is older than roblox
Comment from : gamer .vloger Noah

8-bit Baldi
If you want to ruin your phone then try this. Trust me I tried it and restarted my phone then it sayed unfortunately, system UI has stopped. Then the phone will reboot itself and do the same thing. You can undo this once this is done.
Comment from : 8-bit Baldi

free fire MYH
Guys give her a chance
Comment from : free fire MYH

video Funny
Low grapich
Comment from : video Funny

Dump vedio u just changed the number
Comment from : Someone

GamerX Channel
Fake Peke naman
Comment from : GamerX Channel

Fury Dex
Comment from : Fury Dex

I just wanted to update my phone so my controller would connect to my phone
Comment from : Falmigo

Godsent Paulclive
This is good
Comment from : Godsent Paulclive

Age of Aquarius
why not

android one thousand

Comment from : Age of Aquarius

Turjo Creativity
It's not done
Comment from : Turjo Creativity

Vahid Vahid136333
دروغ گو
Comment from : Vahid Vahid136333

Opal Strong
Close Android
Comment from : Opal Strong

Comment from : highlandcountyboy

Hi Duop
Delete your chanel.
Comment from : Hi Duop

Hi Duop
Pak you.. asshole
Comment from : Hi Duop

That's I boolshit!!! He is only changing the way that the version will look. It will not even be compatible with the new android 9 api
Comment from : MFDGaming

Pahri Tech Channel
great video!!!
Comment from : Pahri Tech Channel

rorooo ro
work on tecno la6 pouvoir1
Comment from : rorooo ro

Jason Begley
Didn't update shit
Comment from : Jason Begley

β€’ ItsRealFreeEstate β€’
Well I only have android 4.4.2
Comment from : β€’ ItsRealFreeEstate β€’

Rasa Jacobin
This video is so good give this video a thumbs down πŸ‘‰πŸ–“πŸ‘ˆ
Comment from : Rasa Jacobin

Som the device must be rooted first?
Comment from : X-MISMA-X

Kim Caceres
super fake
Comment from : Kim Caceres

KOSH Naranek
os update with only 7% battery life yeah right.πŸ˜‰
Comment from : KOSH Naranek

Deborah Nartey
Why does the video have 2k likes???
Comment from : Deborah Nartey

Sackboy 23
So, you changed only the name of the version, you didn't upgrade your Android version...
Comment from : Sackboy 23

Ellkeins Kissimbo
You don't even how to get root permission
Comment from : Ellkeins Kissimbo

Marko Polo
this is the dumbest 3 mins of my life ave ever wasted
Comment from : Marko Polo

Hindi robo
Comment from : Jukalive

Ja Adut
I was upgrade to android 28 and work exellent . HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA.
Comment from : Ja Adut

J.J. Olivera
Quien es el estuoido que cree esto.
Comment from : J.J. Olivera

Rindo Relente
Very good app. My OPPO a33fx now bacome9.0 version. Now pleas help my my OPPO a33 to 1gb. Ram bacome 2 or 3gb ram please
Comment from : Rindo Relente

Magical 801
Now they have android 10, I just updated and now it's draining my battery like crazy. Does anyone know how to take it back
Comment from : Magical 801

arvin kit sailago
the ling was a virus
Comment from : arvin kit sailago

Minhaj Uddin
Play pubg to smoothly?
Comment from : Minhaj Uddin

ruben vasquez
Comment from : ruben vasquez

Gourav Sharma
Error a raha
Comment from : Gourav Sharma

Leigh Rune
u have wasted our time.oh great it works dislike button works! >;) πŸ–•πŸ‘Ž
Comment from : Leigh Rune

Jaap Seiye
Should be renamed how to edit the version number.
Comment from : Jaap Seiye

αˆ˜α‹΅αŠƒαŠ’α‰΄ αŒŒα‰³ αˆ˜α‹΅αŠƒαŠ’α‰΄
You are fulling your self! You just edited the name! But the android version remains the same.
Its like you changed your name from Shilpa to Priyanka but you are not priyanka.

Comment from : αˆ˜α‹΅αŠƒαŠ’α‰΄ αŒŒα‰³ αˆ˜α‹΅αŠƒαŠ’α‰΄

It worked thanks so much if it didn't work for some of y all you're supposed to restart your device or turn it on and turn it back on that's what happened to me I just restarted my device thanks a lot again!
Comment from : RoMineBlox

Noah McArthur
Fuck you
Comment from : Noah McArthur

NeedTech PH
Comment from : NeedTech PH

Aaron Damian
haha it's upgraded
Comment from : Aaron Damian

We need to root our phone to update the android version... With custom rom
Comment from : Zohaib

Stopped listening as soon as I heard the robot voice.
Comment from : Glyn

Srikanthreddy Pinnelli
If it not changes
My samsung tab 4 version is 4.4.2 it is not coming after doing this also

Comment from : Srikanthreddy Pinnelli

UnderFar AU
We oppo users has a lot of this update problem
Comment from : UnderFar AU

Muhammad Parwez ROSTOM
Comment from : Muhammad Parwez ROSTOM

Ninto 1
U just change the Number but it is the same system
Comment from : Ninto 1

Bayram Alak
Fuck you
Comment from : Bayram Alak

The Game Hacker
Fake she only changed name of android level
System is still same

Comment from : The Game Hacker

Bikash Karki
Aahh bhaii talk in hindi you dont have godd english
Comment from : Bikash Karki

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