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Xena: Warrior Princess - Longplay (PS1)

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Information Xena: Warrior Princess - Longplay (PS1)

Title :  Xena: Warrior Princess - Longplay (PS1)
Lasting :   1.52.04
Date of publication :  
Views :   88.255
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Description Xena: Warrior Princess - Longplay (PS1)

Comments Xena: Warrior Princess - Longplay (PS1)

Lateph Herlino
man i want to play this game if i have time
Comment from : Lateph Herlino

Cyanide Ghoul
Worlds first hack and slash. Ironic lol
Comment from : Cyanide Ghoul

Kocheng Terbang
I played this game when i was 5 years old😘 i did not understand, just hit everything
Comment from : Kocheng Terbang

Amar Andes
One of my favorite game
Comment from : Amar Andes

The OG assasins creed odysee xD
Comment from : Koragh

This is the best name I could come up with
Tomb Raider + God of War = Xena
Comment from : This is the best name I could come up with

This is the best name I could come up with
Beautiful times, back when we had powerful women in games and movies without them being related to feminism and social justice warriors.
Comment from : This is the best name I could come up with

Oh my god the nostalgia! I was like 6 years old when I played this and I remember it being so hard. My mom would sit down with me for hours and tell me what to do and where to go while I played. So many memories...
Comment from : TaoDJ

Stupid player 😡😤
Comment from : Abdulmajeed

Angus King
Looking back you'd think Kalabrax would have realised Xena was trying to make her cause the temple to colapse.
Comment from : Angus King

Angus King
I used to love this game on the PS1. Hearing that end of level chimes now... Anyone else reminded of the Pokemon centre when you are handing over your Pokeballs to be healed.
Comment from : Angus King

Wives Collector
This game is extremely underrated for its time
Comment from : Wives Collector

ecrin su çoban emre kasırga tiktok
Vaybee neydi o günlerr :(
Comment from : ecrin su çoban emre kasırga tiktok

Enes Kemal
They really should remake this and continue the sequel
Comment from : Enes Kemal

Nerd Girl
please do remake,the witcher 3 style 😻
Comment from : Nerd Girl

Pointy tits graphics are the best !
Comment from : DrPotato

John Alvarado
I remember being 5 and buying this game like my first game besides the demos n my mom was watchin n saw me cut somebody’s head off n she freaked out hahaha
Comment from : John Alvarado

ok so they DEFINETLY kissed at 1:48:28
Comment from : bmas44

XxxSextastic On
This game was unexpectedly amazing oh my god!!!
Comment from : XxxSextastic On

Hakan Sarıaslan
When i was a child, i couldn't sleep alone for a while after i saw that fucking cyclop at front of me. Good old troubles :(
Comment from : Hakan Sarıaslan

my childhood :)
Comment from : H2

Sport & Entertainment
I played this game 21 years ago 🙂. It was the first game I played on the original PS1. Great memories.
Comment from : Sport & Entertainment

Yuri Valkyrie
it's so nostalgic..
I really love throwing the dagger all the time xD

Comment from : Yuri Valkyrie

The Warrior
This Game Is Absolute Fabulous I Played This Game When I Was Kid May Be Back In 14 Years Ago I Played This Game Thanks For The Video I Enjoy Every Second Of It Sweet Memories Got Refreshed Again Thank You 💗💗💗💗💗🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋
Comment from : The Warrior

Já faz 20 anos que eu joguei esse jogo , não terminei de será elekkk

1:08:00 was the scariest part when I was 7 while playing it :D
Comment from : Fobius8

قناة لانستر للمنوعات
Xena looks like preity zinta
Comment from : قناة لانستر للمنوعات

UwU Man
I remember finishing the game when i was 4
Now am 18

Comment from : UwU Man

This game was the stuff when I was a kid
Comment from : Mac

Máximo Hernández
T r a s h
Comment from : Máximo Hernández

Eli Salas
Should make a remake and couch could op too. Might as well use Gabriel to fight. It would be an epic game.
Comment from : Eli Salas

booker dewitt
should avgn review this awful game?
Comment from : booker dewitt

Euis Puasa fitri
Mas nama gem y apah ya xena apah naman.y
Comment from : Euis Puasa fitri

Judge Claude Frollo
1:45:49 - After having killed her It doesn't happen anything. Nothing Boss. How can l do? :(
Comment from : Judge Claude Frollo

Jeremy Gagne
Damn the years went by way to fast
Comment from : Jeremy Gagne

LP86 video editor
Does anyone else feels like she is the PS1 Kratos?
Comment from : LP86 video editor

سجاد البزوني
ايام زمان هاي جنت طفل
Comment from : سجاد البزوني

Templar S
Xena:Sees a man turning Minotaur right in front of her and pushing her away.
"You can run but you can't hide"!!!!

Comment from : Templar S

Are Ry
Comment from : Are Ry

Andre Herlanda
I miss this is game
Comment from : Andre Herlanda

الجيمر الحق
كانت لعبه اسطوريه
Comment from : الجيمر الحق

Javier Rodríguez
I can't believe i made it to the hell part when i played this game! i was like 5-6 years old and this game doesn't look easy at all with that camera and controls. if i played it today i'd be much worse than back then hahaha
Comment from : Javier Rodríguez

Just beat this game (11-5-19) and I like the assortment of environments Xena travels through, the variety and enemy types were nice to see. The chakram was a cool touch as well. Camera and combat needed some work. A targeting system would've been good. However, it's a decent game overall. Glad I finally finished it.
Comment from : GoodtimesMelody

Kaiser Wolf
Comment from : Kaiser Wolf

rahmat firdaus
this is my favorite game when i was 8. now im 25.
i wish i can play it again. 😭

Comment from : rahmat firdaus

Goĸυ вʟacĸ l̸
I still got my disc.
Comment from : Goĸυ вʟacĸ l̸

Lisa Marie
That poor shark! Lol
Comment from : Lisa Marie

Fraktur Obsession
The minotaur was my ultimate nightmare in this game. In the Valarian's Castle I used to stand right next to the small house and the catapult would smash it down. You can enter the house and take items.
Comment from : Fraktur Obsession

Old but gold
Comment from : MOHAMMEDVIP

I wish they would make an open world game.
Comment from : Tetsugaku

Imad Talizza
I feel like crying right now.
Comment from : Imad Talizza

Oh yas!! it brings all the memories back when Ive played it as a child
Comment from : sukkie

Comment from : DEVIL F.Z.4

King Leones
Comment from : King Leones

pemba roll
i miss old me n i miss those days i play this game hour n hour
Comment from : pemba roll

list m
Nostalgia ah
Comment from : list m

34:00 and that right there is where i NOPE THE FUCK OUTTA THAT POWER OFF BUTTON.
Comment from : Neru619

Dinastía Chow Fan
THAT´S the ending?
Comment from : Dinastía Chow Fan

Omg i need remake on ps4!!
I love this game since i was little..

Comment from : Carrot21

Doctor emmet Brown
Smiling ..... damn it’s wonderful world
Comment from : Doctor emmet Brown

Smokey 463
I missed playing this
Comment from : Smokey 463

sylv_ester_ g8
I played this game when I was 6 years old now I'm 21 years old good old times. ☹️
Comment from : sylv_ester_ g8

Omg best game i miss this game
Comment from : BABY LOVE

I use to love this game when I was younger!! I wish they would make some more Xena games for current gens that would be so cool!!
Comment from : ARB San

Most underrated game of all time. It was totally amazing, full of Greek mythology!
Comment from : Darwaxion

I loved this game. Always loved the Gorgon sisters. The dragon in the cave was always soooooo scary.
Comment from : merman213

Milos Gallego
I love Xena !!
Great game !

Comment from : Milos Gallego

Qabil Mehraliyev
Nostalgic moments
Comment from : Qabil Mehraliyev

abdalkreem law
Comment from : abdalkreem law

Steve Morris
Xena: Warrior Princess was developed by Universal Studios Digital Arts in San Jose California and published by EA.
Comment from : Steve Morris

chisom splendor
Comment from : chisom splendor

Darreyl Phillips
One of my favourite games of the 90s..xena the bad bitch warrior princess :-D
Comment from : Darreyl Phillips

The Anh
Im played this game ago 19 years
Comment from : The Anh

Cross Ward
If you guys wanna play ps1 games again, you can play it on your computer.With emulator.Download ps1 emulator and download this and aaand there you go its easy as it seems
Comment from : Cross Ward

Amazing! Had lots of fun with this game even though i never finished it
Comment from : EonShade

Cross Ward
That colossus was hunting me in my nightmares when i was a kid xd
Comment from : Cross Ward

Rendy channel
Comment from : Rendy channel

will there EVER be a new game
Comment from : Rocka7

Banditka 95
At minute 2 and i already miss this game ;-;
Comment from : Banditka 95

16:50 omg, lol, this was the game, I can't believe I finally found it, man, me and my family rented this game from blockbuster way back when, I'm pretty sure we watched the show, wait, we did, it's all coming back to me now, we used to freaking love that show, and got this game as a result, we NEVER got past this part of the game, I think I'm the only one who even remembers this from my family, we tried everything to beat this mission, but were never able to, finally, after all these years, I'm finally gonna see what happens after you beat the cyclops!

Edit: lmao, that's all u needed to do? Throw the shield at his eye and attack his fingers? I CAN'T believe we couldn't pass THAT back then, my god, we returned the game to blockbuster and never truly played this game like we wanted to, ahhhhhh, good times good times


Nessa Nessa
Old good times 🙆🏼‍♀️
Comment from : Nessa Nessa

꧁ Ilies The KinG ꧂
Comment from : ꧁ Ilies The KinG ꧂

Jill Valentine

Comment from : Jill Valentine

Dhm Dhm
I remember this game 😍😍😍 I wish there was a remake of some kind or a new game I only wish
Comment from : Dhm Dhm

Marianna Gt
Comment from : Marianna Gt

The camera , was all my problem

Pololo SR
I just realized that xena and her friend are more than friends
Comment from : Pololo SR

Pecfex Fextus
i remember playing this when i was a kid i still remember some of the things
Comment from : Pecfex Fextus

Saad Alhadba
One of my best game
Comment from : Saad Alhadba

Fofe Camara
Stupid player
Comment from : Fofe Camara

The best game I've ever played. I only wish she could make a double jump somersault on the air instead of one...and some steady slop jumps on the air right and left to avoid arrows and stuffs AND I WANT A NEW XENA GAME NOW....PS xena game for ps2 sucked all the way...Why there's no more xena games like this? Should be I II III IV V VI at least....Does anyone knows if they will make some new xena games like this one
on 2019?

Comment from : Kongkos

shahid saif
Missing ps1
Comment from : shahid saif

First Last
still the best game ever for me
Comment from : First Last

First Last
first time i played this game i was in primary school the first grade lol back to the 2000's where the real exiting games ever
Comment from : First Last

Man this game was dope, when I was a kid it got so scary and intense after the Amazon level haha
Comment from : MrSkinnyWhale

human sacrifice evil magic and a new world order. Xena predicted the illuminati/globalists lol
Comment from : Voidash

Lol oh the nostalgia
Comment from : Destroysall

Jonathan Kamysek
i'm lucky to be one of the ones who still has it :)
Comment from : Jonathan Kamysek

Houcine Evil
Fill old yet
Comment from : Houcine Evil

insane reply
this people should re make this game for ps4 xena remastered?
Comment from : insane reply

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