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Xena: Warrior Princess - Gameplay PSX / PS1 / PS One / HD 720P (Epsxe)

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Information Xena: Warrior Princess - Gameplay PSX / PS1 / PS One / HD 720P (Epsxe)

Title :  Xena: Warrior Princess - Gameplay PSX / PS1 / PS One / HD 720P (Epsxe)
Lasting :   20.08
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Frames Xena: Warrior Princess - Gameplay PSX / PS1 / PS One / HD 720P (Epsxe)

Description Xena: Warrior Princess - Gameplay PSX / PS1 / PS One / HD 720P (Epsxe)

Comments Xena: Warrior Princess - Gameplay PSX / PS1 / PS One / HD 720P (Epsxe)

Budi Setiawan
Make me nostalgic
Comment from : Budi Setiawan

Nysa chan
Does she make dat iconic sounds in dis game? I mean when she do flip or jump?? Not sure how spell it, Ay yay yay yay....maybe just like dat. I always watched dis series when i was still a lil kid.🤣 Sounds part its my fav even i was scare to jump like dat even on my bed.hahah
Comment from : Nysa chan

Fitria Ayunda
This is my fav game and movies series ever! And ofc lara croft! I wish somebody can make a remake version of xena tho 😥
Comment from : Fitria Ayunda

Mikele Konstanty Fiedorowicz IV
it was cool game...
Comment from : Mikele Konstanty Fiedorowicz IV

Mehmed Maloparic
I was maybe 6 years old when I played this. I'm old
Comment from : Mehmed Maloparic

Censored in Germany, uncensored is forbidden here.
Comment from : DoktorTrask

I just realized something - this game must have inspired the behind-the-back camera viewing system used later in Resident Evil 4!
Comment from : perfectsplit

Loved playing this game on my PSX! Ironically, my sister, who was more of a Xena fan than I was, hated this game and sucked shit at it. The stone monsters and flying skeletal demons near the end were a nightmare!
Comment from : perfectsplit

The only thing that i remember is the One Eyed monster
Comment from : P H O E N I X

Gosh I just want to go back in time and finish this game cuz I never did lmao
Comment from : bye.

Bassma Mamdouh
يااااااا لعبه 🎮 زينه كانت 🎋 حلوه ذكريات لا تنسي 😊🌾
Comment from : Bassma Mamdouh

Asep Suhendi
Pernah maen Xena di PS 1 Ampe tamat.keren game nya
Comment from : Asep Suhendi

Derya Işil
Nerden alabiliriz
Comment from : Derya Işil

Reddo Ribbon
Comment from : Reddo Ribbon

Uchiha D. Yamisein
That bring memo 😢
Comment from : Uchiha D. Yamisein

Muslim Mystic
Comment from : Muslim Mystic

Bangungot Mo Ko
I had this for my PSone.
Comment from : Bangungot Mo Ko

waleed mohammed
I remember that When I was 12 years old 😢💔💔
Comment from : waleed mohammed

Arthur Henrique
Kd os BR? Era mtt top esse jogo..
Comment from : Arthur Henrique

Euis Puasa fitri
Mas nama gem y apa xena apah
Comment from : Euis Puasa fitri

LP86 video editor
Does anyone else feels like she is the PS1 Kratos?
Comment from : LP86 video editor

Nurimar Alencar
Poderia ter jogo da Xena para abaixar seria muito bom poder jogar no tablet com o botão seria o máximo
Comment from : Nurimar Alencar

I remember owning it as a kid loving it 🥰🥰🥰 Back In the day!!’
Comment from : Bigruss88

Luciano ioluciano
How much nostalgia it brings
Comment from : Luciano ioluciano

dude i played this when i was a kid on my ps1 wayy back in 2005 maybe 2006 oh my good the memories it used to have a game mode where u shoot a boomerang kinda weapon
Comment from : elmir

سالم سالم
اروع لعبه
Comment from : سالم سالم

Magikal Beats
It's funny how I remember this game much better than it is.
Comment from : Magikal Beats

Hamis Hamis
Comment from : Hamis Hamis

Haryoko Padmohardjo
i played this game dozen time 2 decades ago, lol
Comment from : Haryoko Padmohardjo

/ Priboy /
Кто из 2019
Comment from : / Priboy /

سعد السعد
زمان يافن اللي حن لذيك الأيام لايك
Comment from : سعد السعد

Played this when i was a kid, oh the memories!
Comment from : Legend123

Defrizal Wiratama
EA Remake this PLEASE !!
Comment from : Defrizal Wiratama

Ali Abozeid

Comment from : Ali Abozeid

Smokey 463
I used to play this game good memories
Comment from : Smokey 463

jajajajaj que mierda de juego , y pensar que lo pasé completo :V
Comment from : ID CP

Masked Guy
This game was a part of my childhood that I'll never forget. 💔
Comment from : Masked Guy

auras A
Wooh,, i remember
Comment from : auras A

Starboy Muderfreaker
I love this game so much, oh my childhood :)
Comment from : Starboy Muderfreaker

ياسمين العبدالله
Iwas play this game when I child
Comment from : ياسمين العبدالله

The Marku
And i play god of war 4 .............
Comment from : The Marku

ali morme
والله ايام ❤
Comment from : ali morme

Sarah Sophia
To me, it's very reminiscent of the original Tomb Raider games
Comment from : Sarah Sophia

Mohamed Salah
Shall I cry???
Comment from : Mohamed Salah

Jorge Ordaz
Me encanta este juego, nunca lo termine 😥
Comment from : Jorge Ordaz

Nurimar Alencar
Esses jogos da Xena foi de mais eu zerei todos eles amei os jogos
Comment from : Nurimar Alencar

Yes I loved this game , I hope there's a remake on ps4.
Comment from : Toffee

I have 76 problems
Truly a masterpiece
Comment from : I have 76 problems

Oebalus sounds in russian like Ohfackus. Nice name for village.
Comment from : knaff

Gamer Man
OLD IS ALWAYS WILL BE BETTER <3 i miss my childhood this game was so hard but i finish it and i become a gamer
Comment from : Gamer Man

رائد صفاء_Raed Safaa
الي من 2019 يضغط لايك
Comment from : رائد صفاء_Raed Safaa

Devan MotoVlog
Im remember this game , shit Nostalgia
Comment from : Devan MotoVlog

Should i cry i play this with my brothers when i was 10 years old now am 20 old😭
Comment from : yahia.napoli

the bettel8 hjko
Oooo i miss the old time was really nice game
Comment from : the bettel8 hjko

Game Platform


Comment from : Game Platform

This, rayman spiro, bandicoot, tekken and small soldiers will be the greatest games ever made.
Comment from : L

Very underrated game, loved it.
Comment from : kicksoffs

Macky's Art
Been playing this when I was a kid.
Now Im glad I can still play it on my android device. 😉

Comment from : Macky's Art

Cross Ward
I swear to god sound effects, gameplay and graphics are still great, this game doesnt seem old a bit.
Comment from : Cross Ward

My Mom played the shit out of this game. xD
Comment from : Coug

This game was so underrated. It wasn't a masterpiece by any means, and some of the level design fell a little flat, but when it worked it worked, and the combat was actually really fluid, diverse, and looked cool. Takes time to get a hang of the game, but it's a great one that I miss playing as a kid.
Comment from : FuzedBox

Juan Hernandez
Jajaja cuando era un niño lo jugaba 😅
Comment from : Juan Hernandez

Adrian Pavic
Those were some good ass gameplay mechanics back them dude!
Comment from : Adrian Pavic

Adrian Pavic
I so loved this game! And Xena was a hot fuckin bitch back then!
Comment from : Adrian Pavic

Alfredo Larios
Playes the shit out of the demo. Kinda poor.
Comment from : Alfredo Larios

Bilal Khan
those sound effects are awosme they bring back memories
Comment from : Bilal Khan

Bilal Khan
the memories
Comment from : Bilal Khan

ريتا ريتا
ممكن اسم لعبه
Comment from : ريتا ريتا

Khalid Muntasir
i got depressed watching this
Comment from : Khalid Muntasir

Dayane Alves
Comment from : Dayane Alves

Yassine Bouhaya
was the best game ever
Comment from : Yassine Bouhaya

Damon S
Please remaster this like they did residentevil , I'll die so peaceful
Comment from : Damon S

enky's edits
i remember plaing the first level over and over cause i just didnt know how to complete it :D
Comment from : enky's edits

Arcade Kaos
I miss this game
Comment from : Arcade Kaos

Soy niña y megusta los juegos
Comment from : cJ•Fernando

Eric Scionti
Comment from : Eric Scionti

Bazooka al-haroobi
الله على أيام كان أكبر همك فيها لعبة ،،

وتمضي بنا الحياة 💔

Comment from : Bazooka al-haroobi

Andre Herlanda
This Is First My Game in the old 5 Years
Comment from : Andre Herlanda

This game.. my favorit..(1999-2003)
Comment from : ToBija BARRU

Aviee Nash
The memories though i played this game wayy back at my PS1 Still here and its 2018
Comment from : Aviee Nash

Alejandro Rivera
O jogo da minha infância.
Comment from : Alejandro Rivera

Davi Suave
PS1 is legendary...
Comment from : Davi Suave

Tounge Lasher
They should redesign this game and Buffy the vampire Slayer for PS4.
Comment from : Tounge Lasher

Spartak Yaylakhanyan
That’s my childhood 😩
Comment from : Spartak Yaylakhanyan

My Account
Who literally searched for this?
Comment from : My Account

Eric Gonzalez
YEESSS I FINALLY FOUND IT!!! This is what I’ve been looking for FOREVER!!
Comment from : Eric Gonzalez

None of Your Business
At the beginning of the game they are hiking between villages and don't have a backpack or bag to carry food, water, or anything else in. Guess they like to live free.
Comment from : None of Your Business

Ahmed Anssaien Plays
I LOVED throwing the Chakram and controlling it. 😍
Comment from : Ahmed Anssaien Plays

مصطفى الكتلوني
لعبة زينا تخبل
Comment from : مصطفى الكتلوني

remember those used to be the 'good' graphics xD
Comment from : Atcera

anak adam
My favorit game
Comment from : anak adam

Inside Gear
i love the way she runs :D
Comment from : Inside Gear

Silus Jackson
I remember having PS1 WITHOUT a memory card. I used to get up to the minotaur boss Every time and then turn it off
Comment from : Silus Jackson

Silus Jackson
Fucking nostalgia
Comment from : Silus Jackson

Those giant spiders though 0.o
Comment from : cheekybabe666

Daniel Soares
Jogo massa
Comment from : Daniel Soares

I used to kill the hostages lol
Comment from : S G

OMG I loved this game!!!
Comment from : S G

احمد احمد
فيديو رائع احب هاي العبه
Comment from : احمد احمد

Comment from : wele4561

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