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How to Manually Upgrade to Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

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Information How to Manually Upgrade to Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

Title :  How to Manually Upgrade to Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
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Frames How to Manually Upgrade to Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

Description How to Manually Upgrade to Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

Comments How to Manually Upgrade to Android 5.0 (Lollipop)

Aritrya Ghosh
which company tablet which model no. you are using please tell
Comment from : Aritrya Ghosh

Official Ghoenix
Only for Nexus?
Comment from : Official Ghoenix

its EQ
Do we open the cmd ourselves? I've connected the USB but nothing happens
Comment from : its EQ

Manish Yadav
Please help me my tablet can't update
Comment from : Manish Yadav

Manish Yadav
Hey please help my tablet can't update
Comment from : Manish Yadav

ali ali
This support all tablet software
Comment from : ali ali

Vibe Gaming
Does it work for samsung tab2?
Comment from : Vibe Gaming

Did you do it on your PC

I'm using a galaxy tab e lite
Comment from : SadComputeer

zach lars
wtf... how does an idiot install android 5...
Comment from : zach lars

Atta Solomon
Kawku kind
Comment from : Atta Solomon

Rajithabalak Krishna.Chetty
What app is using to sending this adb file
Comment from : Rajithabalak Krishna.Chetty

Donovan Turner
This process does NOT only work on Nexus devices.
Comment from : Donovan Turner

Game Guy
Watching this on android 10 lol😂
Comment from : Game Guy

KF The First
Does it work for Android 4.1.2?
Comment from : KF The First

Facts & Fun
This is fake video my honour Holly is not doing that
Comment from : Facts & Fun

Ive seen a lot of people say it doesnt work for them... Maybe I wont try
Comment from : chocolataecloud

Anyone on 2020
Comment from : Umaruzer

rashid mzee
Comment from : rashid mzee

viperz gt
I got an samsung device does this work for my device?
Comment from : viperz gt

Chris Yang
bro files was gone?
Comment from : Chris Yang

jowel subba
Haw type of flashing software ?
Comment from : jowel subba

Atul Dighe
Hello sir,
I can not get firmware for my tab (Mr. Tab) can u help me??

Comment from : Atul Dighe

Would this affect the phone?
Comment from : Alien_gxrl

Azan Asad
Can it be 4.4.2?
Comment from : Azan Asad

This will work on sansung galaxy tab 10.1 lte
Comment from : Xenno

Laith Rafid
Doing this has a 45% chance of getting your device bricked and completely rendered unusable
And there is a better way to upgrade with PC, second I don't recommend doing it because I did it and a lot of apps are not working.
If you want to do it, please reply to my comment. You can say the version of android, tablet model of your tablet and I will give you recommended and simplest ways to do it.

Comment from : Laith Rafid

St0rm GD&YTPs
Can someone tell me what this tablet is called?
Comment from : St0rm GD&YTPs

Tu Nguyen
Comment from : Tu Nguyen

Артем Любинский
how to update Acer 840FHD to 5 / 6 Anroid ?
Comment from : Артем Любинский

Dark Roblox Gaming
This is how Apple User Imagine How Bad Is Android Lol
Comment from : Dark Roblox Gaming

I have 4.0 😭😭😭😭 help plsssssss
Comment from : CrystalAsher29

best everg
Is it work on s 10+ !?
Comment from : best everg

MaxNoob GT
I have 4.2.2 :(
Comment from : MaxNoob GT

i have a 4.0.4
Comment from : MrPug25

Rose Perater
Not manual using computer
Comment from : Rose Perater

I don't have a pc😢
Comment from : Gamingbelal

Carolina Arroba
If I install the new 5.0 Android version from a 4.4 version I lose my information that is on the phone ?
Comment from : Carolina Arroba

Adonica Lafrance
WTF? he lost me completely after apply update for adb.. I had re listen to understand plug device into computer...And then he goes right to a step without explaining how to get there....SO now im stuck with this little green man and have no idea what to do now?
Comment from : Adonica Lafrance

Onile G4MING
Dude my Freaking Problem is
I don't know ADB ??
I don't have also SD CARD :( Help
Im stock
i can't Open my Tab

Comment from : Onile G4MING

I have a 4.3 version Android :(
Comment from : Matt J WWEFAN

you OOF
How to upger android

Buy new phone

Comment from : you OOF

Rachida Mellouk
me : i need to upgrade my 4.4.4 s4
this video:got you homie

Comment from : Rachida Mellouk

Hatty xd*
because of you my tablet got destroyed fuk
Comment from : Hatty xd*

Asha Asha
Comment from : Asha Asha

Adeniyi Adesola
Please, will it work for infinix X551. I am currently on Andriod 4.4.2
Comment from : Adeniyi Adesola

δασκαλως ωορθογραφειας
Comment from : δασκαλως ωορθογραφειας

Thank u man a lot
Comment from : drago

viju alappat vincent
i got android projector what i do

Comment from : viju alappat vincent

Alex Pandian
From which link that file is downloaded kindly share the link
Comment from : Alex Pandian

Nathaniel Patagnan
can use these on any device tablets?
Comment from : Nathaniel Patagnan

Iam very scared that i may break my tablet after doing this before i try this pls tell me how to get back your device! Pls
Because i do not have a computer or leptop!

Comment from : Luha

Angelina Fox
My tablet version is 4.4.4 so i need to upgrade it for youtube speed thingy
Comment from : Angelina Fox

Anthony Menezes
Hindi sae alargy hiaa kaa
Comment from : Anthony Menezes

B1 Boomer
I have an Android 4.0.4. How do I update it??
Comment from : B1 Boomer

NewLife TV
What is adb
Comment from : NewLife TV

Zibran Khan
version tablet 7.0 update version 9.0 Lollipop
Comment from : Zibran Khan

George Caplea
I have android 7.0
Comment from : George Caplea

George Caplea
I have android 7.0
Comment from : George Caplea

Boi this is in my YouTube recommended in 2019 anyone from 2019
Comment from : IMANOOB

Epic Alex
Whould you please send and for me the link?
Comment from : Epic Alex

Epic Alex
I have samsung galaxy s3 and i need android kitkat 4.4.4
Comment from : Epic Alex

When i type adb sideload, it keeps telling me that its not recognized as an internal or external command
Comment from : Zodiactingz

Is command prompt suppose to open automatically? Because it doesnt when i plug my tablet in. I have an iview suprapad tablet.
Comment from : Zodiactingz

Galaxy Walker
I have samsung tab e android 4.4.4 does it work?Link plz
Comment from : Galaxy Walker

Budi Santoso
reset all data?
Comment from : Budi Santoso

Lenovo tab 3 7 essential
Update kese kare
Plz 😋

Comment from : MADE 4 KILL

hii bro i have chaina 10 inch tab 8gb ram & 64gb space, so if u have for this plz
Comment from : TZC COPY PRINTING

John Korn
Comment from : John Korn

Brenan Tamayo
my tablet huawei android version 4.4.2
Comment from : Brenan Tamayo

Josh Gray
Bro is there any way you can help me update this piece of s*** Craig tablet I got it's like a 4.0 and I can't find in the settings anywhere about an update or accessibility like this tablet is so f**** junk I can't even update anything I can't even go on the web browser can someone please help me do this it is ridiculous
Comment from : Josh Gray

nicușor dajbog
Du-te în pizda mătii
Comment from : nicușor dajbog

Do It Work On Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Android 4.4.4??
Comment from : PotatoPotMan

Ultimate Spiderman
Mine is asus zenphone
Comment from : Ultimate Spiderman

Alejandro Daniel Lagunas Conejo
Como puedo actualizar mi tab samsung sm t560 pues no vi ninguna en todos tus videos y cual android le tocaría pues es en la tab que menos mejoras e visto espero me respondas
Comment from : Alejandro Daniel Lagunas Conejo

Shyna Iqbal
Me epad aj07
Comment from : Shyna Iqbal

Veiah Drabma
Did you connect that in you loptop?
Comment from : Veiah Drabma

Mark Francis Olivo
My phone is Asus .modelnumber; ME173X android version 4.2...pls help me
Comment from : Mark Francis Olivo

Maria Haritonova
Бля заебись
Comment from : Maria Haritonova

My phone is gionee s7 ....how to update it....... Please help..... I tried to update many times it is not updating...
Comment from : Elinay

Bryan Ewers
hey U know how to update android tv KitKat 4.4.2 are 4.4.4 it's not a android box it android
Comment from : Bryan Ewers

i need an update of an ellipsis 7 i have no sim card pls help
Comment from : Gorillad_Cheese

Danilo Pagobo
my phone android version is 4.0.3 how to upgrade to 5.0 give me a link please..
Comment from : Danilo Pagobo

Lakshay Kataria
Give me link of panasonic p55
Comment from : Lakshay Kataria

Image Hoppers
sorry, but can you not get even ONE version number straight?! What an awful mess, maybe you want to, at least, re-record those hiccups... I mean, I do not mind an error or two, but this is quite annoying to listen to.
Comment from : Image Hoppers

King technical
It's work in my Acer tablet
Comment from : King technical

My phone is a ZTE ZMAX Z970
Comment from : Vertex

Edson Pinto
qual a melhor versão para esse tablet dell venue 8 3830 ?

what is the best version for this tablet dell venue 8 3830?

Comment from : Edson Pinto

Xander Yeo
Does not work. Such a idiot. Go learn proper english
Comment from : Xander Yeo

The Ajs1
It did not work for my samsung galaxy tab e lite 444
Comment from : The Ajs1

alhassan m
link please for lenovo model a3000 android 4.2.2 jelly bean
Comment from : alhassan m

Mark Bico
My phone is Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 and its 4.4.4 android ver. Link plsss
Comment from : Mark Bico

Esma College
Is it safe?
Comment from : Esma College

Rajveer Bhinder
with pc
Comment from : Rajveer Bhinder

vinicius melo
poxa nao ntendo ingles que decepsion o my iss onetouchevo$7hahaaaaaaaaa
Comment from : vinicius melo

Burrito Master
Hey what about samsung Galaxy note 4
Comment from : Burrito Master

Robert Kimball
In the title, you should have said it only works on Nexus. Waste of time for me.
Comment from : Robert Kimball

raymund gimeno
what next when you enter command prompt??
what will you type??

Comment from : raymund gimeno

Henry YT Gaming
3:09 thats where my aunt' is mad because of pc, I will use it but no permission
Comment from : Henry YT Gaming

Dumitru Alexandru
Comment from : Dumitru Alexandru

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